Hair Wig Lengths: The Perfect way to Measure~

In today’s blog, we will emphasize how to measure your straight, wavy, and curly wig. You may not think that length is that important but it is… wig length is a crucial part of the choosing process as the way the wig falls will determine how well it suits you.

 At BLAKNA Hair, we have a wide range of options of 12"-30 inches hair length. The picture below will give you a good idea of where a particular hair length may lay on you. And take it in mind that this is only give you an example. You should take body structure and height into consideration.

 For different styles of hair wig length, all have the same hair length but the actual measurements differ with style; Straight, Wavy, and Curly.  Choosing the suitable length of wig with baby hair is a personal job, it totally depends on your personal preference. If you want to have the hairstyles that look elegant, then the long straight wiglong body wave wig or long deep curly wig can meet your requirement. No matter what length you want, you should always pay attention to the guidelines that involve wig length and taking accurate measurements. 

Follow these simple Steps;

  • Step 1: Place the hair on the wig-stand or lay the hair on the table. Then start by taking some of the hair from the top and holding up. Take the measuring tape, with the inches visible to you, press one end at the start of the hair roots, measure along to the bottom tape of the human hair to get the inches measurement. Try a second time if not accurate.
  • Step 2:Then take some hair from the middle part of the hair, measure it the same as with the first step. One more measuring may be necessary. 
  • To measure your Wavy, Curly hair, follow the above steps BUT this hair should be stretched at a maximum from the tip of the hair root (where the lace starts) to the bottom tip of the hair strands in order to get the accurate length for this type of wig. 

Do you have any inquiries on how to choose the suitable length of your new wig? Welcome to our website to leave your  feedback. 

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