How long will it take for me to receive my hair? 

A. Orders are normally received within 2-5 business days, 1-3 for Express orders. 
Additional 3-5 day processing time for Raw hair in the following textures: Kinky Straight | Loose Wave | Loose Wavy | Kinky Curly | Loose Kinky Curl | Water Wave | Deep Body Wave | Natural Wave | Deep Curly 
**Please note that shipping may take longer due to Covid-19. *** 

Do you offer wholesale pricing? 

A. Yes, Pre-packaged options are available on our site, just search "Wholesale". For customized options please email your inquiry to customerservice@blakna.com

How to chose my style ?

A. You can use the the hair wigs to translate your hair style without damaging your own natural hair, or if you have thin hair, hair extension will be a brilliant choice to give you a full and thick hair look. Whether you are a master or new wearer, choosing the wig or hair weave that fit you best is most important before making an order. So if you are confusing what style to choose, here are some tips

Should I get a wig or bundles for a sew-in?

A. If you like to change colors, styles, lengths, and textures then investing in a wig could be great for you. A wig can transform your look in a matter of minutes. Sew in need your hair to be braided as the base, you need turn to a professional stylist to sew the bundles or color it or restyle it.

What style should I chose?


A. If you have a lined face, the big curl style such as body wave and water wave are better for you which can bring more Softness to your whole look.

If you are willing to look like cool and sharper, the shorter straight hair will work better. Curly hair style is good choice to match your fashion outfit. If you want to enhance hair texture and layering, deep hair style can help much. Do you get the key point on how to choose your style? It’s time to try now.

What length should I get?

A. When it comes to hair length, your face shape really matters .Choose the length that work best with your face shape. Long faces should avoid long hair, Bob length is better for a round face, Shoulder-length look good on everyone, no matter their face shape.

How many bundles do I need for a full head?

A. We suggest 3 bundles for a natural install with leave out. 4 bundles for a fuller look, or for lengths over 18”. *Add an additional bundle, closure or frontal if you do not want, you may leave it out* 

How long will my hair extensions last?

A. This really depends on how you maintain and care for your hair. Our Malaysian hair can last 6 months to a year, Brazilian hair 1-1.5 years, and with proper care, or raw hair bundles can last well over 3 years. 

Can this hair be Dyed or Straightened?

A: All of our human hair extensions can be bleached however, we would strongly encourage you to seek the help of a professional stylist/Colorist. Please note our Blakna Hair will only lift up to #27. All Raw hair can be lightened up to a #613.  If you want to dye the hair as your request, we suggest you use a professional colorist that specializes in coloring hair extensions. Do not dye or bleach hair too frequently, it will do harm on hairs since virgin hair will be easily dry after leaving hair donor .

Pro Color Tip: Skip the bleaching process and purchase our blonde #613 extensions. 

How do I chose conditioners for Human Hair Wigs?

A:While washing your hair, never use shampoo meant for natural hair. ''Even though normal conditioner is OK, the shampoo is too harsh and can lead to hair falling out. Conditioning your hair is very important to keep it soft and manageable, so wash wigs with conditioner. You can use products like gel and hair spray to keep the curl in place, but make sure to wash your hair and not leave these products in for long time.


A:Factory washed the hair with warm water and shampoo before shipped, at the same time , we will add some hair oil to the hair wig to protecting the hair from being dry during long time delivery, it may have some smell in the high temperature or hot weather, the smell can easily fade away after washing via any shampoo or conditioner. Promise no corn-chip chemical smell, our hair is 100% chemical-free, we do not only care about beauty but also our customer's health.

Why are my Hair Extensions getting tangled?

A:Hair will be a little dry after high temperature steam processed .Hair Extensions tangle due to dryness , oil & dirt build-up, salt water, chlorine and not combing (wide tooth comb) out your hair daily. Make sure to wash & condition your hair at least once a week, twice a week is better. Use hydrating drops or consult your stylist for more help. Sulfate/alcohol involved products will lead to dry and frizzy. Like your own hair ,the real human wigs need good care and management too.

What about Shedding?

A:When you meet 2-3 strands of hair loss. It is not the real shedding, causing virgin hair just like human hair. Kindly suggest to seal the weft again before installment to prevent shedding so much in future. Do not use comb to brush the curly hair, just running with yr fingers gently; use wide-tooth for straight or body wave style. After wash please nurse the hair with some hair oil so that  it  can be silky and soft.