Our Fight Against Fraud 

Unfortunately the hair industry is not exempt from fraud. Since the hair industry has become easily accessible to millions via the internet and social media, the industry has seen its fair share of identity thieves using stolen credit cards to place fraudulent orders. To protect our business and our customers, some High Dollar orders may require proof of identity before the orders not being shipped to the same billing address provided may require POI. 

We understand that this may be inconveniencing for some, but please remember this policy is in place to protect our customers and our Business. 

POI/Proof of Identity

1)Picture of customer with their state ID: Only name and picture are needed, all other details such as address and DOB can be covered or blacked out. 

2) Picture of card being used: Only the customer's name and last four digits of card number are needed. All other details can be covered or blacked out.