Wig Grip Band
Wig Grip Band
Wig Grip Band

Wig Grip Band

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Wig Grip Band (3 Colors Available)

  • Quickly secure your wig in place without glue, gel, clips and combs.
  • Wear snug but not too tight for best results
  • A safer solution for wearing wigs

Made with high-quality silicone material and is the perfect solution to keep your wigs in place. The non-slip wig grip band is very comfortable to wear and fully adjustable. This band can also be worn to keep hair out of your face during makeup

Material: Silicone

Size: Medium

Weight: 160 grams

How to use: Pay attention to the size of the bumps on the inner and outer sides is different. The inner side bumps are smaller, and the outer side bumps are larger. Wash with cold water only. 

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